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T-Shirt Quilts

Before you hand down those old t-shirts and jerseys, consider creating a quilt to capture all the memories. Preserve your sports career or your child’s activities and savor the memories of the hard game fought or the final performance.

If you have run out of gift ideas for the parent that has everything, ask the children and/or grandchildren to donate a t-shirt or two that represents them. Gather the contributions and have a grandparent’s quilt made for a special occasion.

Booster clubs and coaches are always in need of a quick and easy fundraiser. Why not dig out those extra t-shirts and old jerseys or ask the organizations at your school to submit a shirt for a quilt. These quilts have been raffled off at the end of a season, during a big game or on a special game date, such as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Homecoming or playoffs.

Other ideas might be for:
> Birthday 

> Anniversary
> Graduation

> Family Reunion
> Memorial Quilt 

> Iron Man Events 
> Races you have run or biked

Ordering Information 

Delivery Time 

6-8 weeks; 20% up charge for rush orders

$16 per block or t-shirt 

Wall Hanging: 9 shirts for a cost of $144
Throw Size Quilt: 12 Shirts for a cost of $192 
Perfect Dorm (Twin) Size Quilt: 15 shirts for a cost of $240
Full Size Quilt: 16 shirts for a cost of $256
Queen Size Quilt: 20-25 shirts for a cost of $320-$400

Care of the Quilt

The quilt is made to be used. It is made of 100% high quality cotton fabrics. It requires no additional care than your t-shirts or jerseys did. It is machine washable and dryable, provided your jerseys can be dried.

Fabric Choices 

Coming Soon.

Order Form 

Please download and fill out the order form below.
Download T-Shirt Quilt Order Form